22 January 2009

Early Bird

Waking up real early in the morning for a couple of days had taken its toll on The Tatapilla. Last night, there was no hanging around in the lounge after dinner. He just said goodnight to everybody and wanted to have “moo c” (short for moo cow). He was in an emergency mode that I skipped giving him a bath thinking that he’ll have a break, then I would freshen him up but there was no big drama. I just managed to teach him to say “I love you Dah” which he said it like “I... Dah”. He then crashed out.

I let him sleep on our bed until it was our time to hit the hay. He slept until in the wee hour of the morning (it’s as though he felt so comforted with some special linens like Sferra). I was woken up of his crying, sort of saying like “mine or ma”. It was so dark that I got up to pick him up from his cot and then I heard Mcj talking to him. He was already picking him up. I don’t turn the light on when he stir at night because that will wake him up completely. He had a bit of “moo c” again and went to sleep until about 6am.

He is such an early bird these days. He sort of all the time thinking of play. Hummmm, I wonder if it’s good though.