22 January 2009


I never thought toilet-training can be funny. Well, it’s all in the attitude anyway. Every article I read on toilet-training says that it should not be a negative experience for the parents and the child. And I always keep it in mind.

The Tatapilla is really geared-up for this exercise. I mentioned earlier that he can now say “poo” and really mean it – for wee and poo, anyway. Though lately, it sort of like a joke or part of his routine to say it even if he doesn’t want to sit on his potty. I checked his nappy this morning right when he wake up and it was dry. He knows what wet means and can say it. One thing that’s just make it funny and frustrating at times is he doesn’t sit on his potty longer. He’s there one second, the next he would be pushing it or playing somewhere else.

Oh yeah, we have lots of little accidents on that department already. One time, he said “mess” and just cried. He doesn’t like the sight of “yuck”. He can say “yuck” and really mean it. This morning, he said “wet” pointing to his leg and foot. He peed on the floor instead on his potty, that’s why.

When he sits on his potty, I make sound to motivate him – like ummmmm or shhhhhh. Now, he just says them himself. Isn’t that just funny? I went to wee last night and he said, sssssshhhhhh! Lol.