07 January 2009

Potty Training

My nephews were potty trained since they were born. My sister would sit them in between her legs right after they wake up in the morning and would make a pissing sound right after their nap. I didn’t do the same for Jens. It’s just too much hassle for me. I reckon, if my sister had a choice to use disposable nappies she would have gotten away with potty training my nephews at an early age.

By the time Jens reach one year old, I’ve read enough information about toilet training or so I thought. We bought his potty before he turned one and it ended up as one of his toys that he pushed around. It is a swan/goose that has a handle to push or to hang on to when he is truly using it for its purpose.

Toilet training is not really in our daily routine or something that we planned on doing. And then he went to school. He started off in the baby room and after four months he was transferred to the toddler room. In the new room, tots who want to sit on the toilet are allowed to do so as long as they want. I think, before I even know it, Jens has been exposed to toilet training already.

Since he would be staying mostly home in the past holiday season, we bought him pull-ups. He’d been showing signs that he is ready to use the potty – sitting on it longer than he used to. And he can already say poo and wee. Before we know it, he’s in the toilet training proper now. He says poo when he will have a go or when he had already. We didn’t have big drama or major disaster. The only problem at times is even when he said poo; he doesn’t want to sit on his potty because he wants to play. Needs more convincing before he’ll sit.

Overall, I’m happy with his attitude on this endeavour. It’s a big accomplishment for tots if they can have a go successfully in the toilet or potty and my little boy have been doing it. And he is just almost 18 months. He makes Mummy and Daddy proud.


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