12 January 2009


Sunday. Jens sitting in his high chair getting ready for his lunch. He said, Da (short for Daddy). I said, Daddy is sleeping. He brought his right index finger close to his nose and mouth and said, Susshhhhhhhh!
I was dumbstruck. My little boy knows how to sushhhh. Whooahhhhh!

I think, he was taught in day care to keep quite when somebody is sleeping, hence the sushing.

You see, we don’t really get an everyday updates of what are they doing in school except when they paint as Jens would have paint on his head or face or in his hands. Though, there’s a monthly newsletter, it doesn’t say much. I also don’t get to talk to his carer much often. We don’t have an idea what are they doing and we can’t supplement it. But my little boy is very smart. He displays what he learned in school when the opportunity arises.

Just like one night last week, I borrowed a new book for him – Ten Fingers.

I have ten little fingers and they all belong to me. I can make them do things, would you like to see?
I can shut them up tight or open them wide.
I can put them all together or make them all hide.
I can make them jump high, I can make them jump low.
I can fold them quietly and hold them just so.

I read it to him with action and all of a sudden he was doing the action for “I can put them all together”. What can I say?

Again, we reminded ourselves, putting him to day care is not a bad idea after all.


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