23 February 2009

Big Night for the Big Guy

One thing that got me hesitant to accept my current job is the travelling part of it. We have customers all over Australia and also overseas. There are possibilities of travelling. I reckoned then The Tatapilla was still too young to be left. But Mcj said, me leaving him for overnight or more would happen sooner or later anyway.

Last night was our first test. I haven't weaned The Tatapilla yet, but our routine is sort of like that already as he only have some Mooc when going to sleep. We were worried a few days before my trip.

But our worried was put to waste.

M U M was just not mentioned at home. I was told that I was not missed. He went to sleep after drinking warm milk and slept through the night.

We underestimated him.

He stayed up late on the night that I went home to pick me up at the airport because my plane was late and gave me big hugs - with squeels while running to meet me at the arrival area.

On my side, I was so sad when I left him at the airport waving and sniffing. I missed him heaps, of course. I missed my one-and-a-half men but that's the price I have to pay for accepting this job. I'll get used to it, eventually (it's not like taking weight loss pills).