03 February 2009

A Climber

I saw the other night in the Funniest Home Video, a kid blowing his hair using a vacuum cleaner. Now, that was a genius. We have vacuums lying around and Jens had been playing with it but I am sure, he doesn’t know how to make it work. And I’m grateful. It’s just one of those disasters that we don’t really need.

He’s gaining a reputation in “school” as a climber now. Yes, he is good in climbing up anything. He climbs on the small table and moves to the lounge chair then slide down. He does the same pattern every night for several times. He once climbed on his high chair. He was really cunning as the table top was still on, so he just hang-on tight on the handle and sat on the foot holder.

He likes it when I let him stand on a chair while I am washing up some dishes or just wiping them up. He thinks, he’s a big guy. Not safe though, as sometimes he wants to turn the tap on.

Speaking of taps, Mcj freshen him up in the laundry tub one day. Jens turned the hot water tap scalding a part of his back. But it was a lesson well learned as he is not quick on turning the tap anymore.