03 February 2009

One for the Wish List

European cruises. Nice, Italy, Rome, Venice, Paris, Majorca, Roussel chocolates, coco chanel fashion, what else?

Sounds wonderful, isn’t it? I’ve just finished reading a book where the leads went to Europe – and the author really describes the Mediterranean fabulously. If I’m not already convinced that it is really beautiful there, reading the book might have done the trick.

I hope I can see any of those cities. I wouldn’t mind if it’s not on a cruise just as long as we get there. Lols. How long do I have to save up for our fare? Or how much do we need to spend through our credit cards inorder to earn QFF points? There are hotels and resorts around Paris that are members of Interval International so we can book our accomodation there for a week at least.

One for the wish list, this is. Maybe, we can materialise this when The Tatapilla is big enough to appreciate fancy things. :)