22 March 2009

Animal Lover

The Tatapilla is taken with all the animals – domestic and wilds. He loves Lucky – our cat. The cat that has been neglected since Mummy arrived in Australia. Lucky used to be Mcj’s baby, buddy and all. And I’m not very much in-like with cats or anything that shed fur, hair, etc so he’s off limits to stay inside the house. But I’m good at buying cat supplies.

Anyway, Jens calls our cat “cky” short of Lucky. He would sometimes whinge because Lucky doesn’t want to play with him.

We throw food at the backyard so Possums visit us. Jens call them Puss Puss. He will cry if we won’t let him out at night to check if Puss Puss is around.

He is a fan of frogs also. Most of the nights, the frogs show-up on our doorstep and Jens used to touch them. He didn’t last night – a bit scared after seeing the frog jumped on to Daddy’s leg.

Well, kids like animals anyway. And I am just glad that we live in a place where there is abundance of wilds. I just don’t like snakes but we have them too.