16 March 2009

In His Time

For two nights in a row, The Tatapilla had been refusing to eat his dinner. I have to resort to tricks and bribes for him to eat some veggies. He eats yogurt, bickies and other munchies though.

Last night, he had 1.5 tub of yogurt, a few slices of carrot and meat and biscuits, compared to what he eat most of the night – heaps of veggies, yogurt and biscuits – it was little. He went to sleep around 7:30pm and by 9:30 he was tossing and turning. Finally, woke up after a few minutes. I gave him warm milk and he had more than a glass and shared some of Daddy’s dessert cake. He then went to sleep – through the night.

Not that I was complaining before when he wakes up at night several time but these days, I am very thankful that we have un-disturbed sleep. Although, I still stirred when I can hear The Tatapilla making little noises.

I wasn’t concerned of worried that Jens doesn’t sleep on his own or before when he didn’t sleep through the night because I know he will do these things in his own time. His body will eventually tell him to do so. And he did. In his own precious time. We didn’t expect it to be this soon.

Next, he’ll just surprise us when we find him zonked-out after playing. Hopefully, not on the ground though.

This is one of the special gifts he has given us – much more appreciated than free vessel sinks