22 March 2009

Sleeping Through

Yay! Jens is really in the stage of sleeping through the night. He just wakes up in the middle of the night when he is hungry, that usually happens when he didn't eat his dinner. Something that a glass of warm milk and some biscuits won't solve.

I'm always hearing stories in the telly that parents with babies lost sleep but I can't really agree 100% with that. Maybe because Jens is really a good and happy baby. And because he is a breast-fed baby. Breastfeeding really helps. It just makes everything easier.

Now, he is asleep with his Dad. He loves sleeping in our bed although it's not a sleep number bed. I do let him sleep in our bed during day time. At night he sleeps in his own. Hopefully, this year's winter won't be that cold so I won't be the worried mother that I am and squeeze Jens in between us because I am thinking that he is cold on his own. And wishful thinking, when the next teeth kick-in it's not really horrible for him that he'll still get some good sleep.