10 April 2009

Early "Happy Today" Present

Jens won't turn two until three months time. But he already got his present.

Mcj had been wanting to buy him a tractor. He saw one at the shop where he bought the seat for the tractor. It's quite dear but we were settled for it. Then I saw in Target catalogue, this one. It's quite cheap.

It wasn't sale time when we went to the shop. It wasn't on display but they had 20% all toys, so we got it at the sale price anyway. Mcj had to went back to the shop the next day with a trailer as the box won't fit even to a 4WD.

Jens would grow on this toy - another ten years. It can hold up to 40kgs.

Before, I forgot I have to do a debt consolidation op before I tee off.