10 April 2009

Easter For Me

I've never commemorates Good Friday here as I was in the Philippines living with my parents. I won't never forget that Jesus was nailed on the cross for us but I have long realised that Jesus is alive and that I don't have to be gloomy and sad on Holy Week. The only thing I look forward on these days is the day off work. I rather look forward on Easter - the day that Jesus was risen from the dead. I am nailed on this though always.

And since having Jens, commercialism on Easter had caught on us. What's Easter without bunny, eggs, heaps and cheap of chocolates?

This is one of three of Jens' chocolates. The special one - with barnyard animals.
Mcj got a kilo of egg chocolate. Yes, a kilo. I think he would need a diet pill after eating it. I got myself M&Ms. I want Kisses but I can only buy them online and at the store which is about three quarters an hour drive from here. Not worth it.