19 April 2009

Smart Boy

Our schedule has been pretty hectic lately. Mcj is always busy at work while I am as ever like that too. We didn't even get the chance to go out last Easter weekend apart from going to the park to feed the ducks.

But all is good in the home front.

Jens is getting bigger, smarter and quite a handful. As much as possible, we don't let him out of our sight. When he's outdoor, he takes off whenever. Quite scary as he can get into one of the farm machinery and hurt himself. Good thing he likes watching telly with his favourite show "In the night garden". It can amuse him on end and I can do some chores. He even sometimes turn the tv on because our tv stand is not that high.

He's pretty good on the vocabulary as well. He can say pretty much anything that he heard once. My favourite sentences are "I wo" which means I love you and "I miss you". He can pretty much say the latter clearly.

I'll leave you one of his recent snap, him playing at the library.