19 April 2009

Too Much Brown

I have never seen anyone getting sick from eating too much chocolate until Jens had in the middle of this week. We bought him several chocolates last Easter and I didn't give the lot to him at once.

One night after dinner, I gave him the Kinder rabbit. He wouldn't let go the whole lot. I just managed to get an eight off him. He was fine after eating it. He had a play and bath. He went to sleep without a fuss.

Around 9PM, he woke up spewing. I was thankful he was in our bed, we instantly knew what happened. He chucked-up twice and we changed our beddings that night. We're soaked. We were not worried though as he was his old self. No crying or fussing around. He managed to drink lots of water which he just spewed later.

Thank God, he was fine the next morning. He also had a good night sleep. We deduce, it was from too much chocolate. Oh well. There's still a whole bunny in the fridge.

Maybe, Lucky can have it just like Frontline.