25 May 2009

Busted PC

My home computer is busted. It was fine the last time I used it and then after a week the monitor does not display anything. Mcj said the monitor cable is loose. How can it be when I just use it? Grrrrr.

Fortunately, I have a work laptop. I am using it now to blog, check emails and surf the net at home.

Although, it’s not good enough. I want Jens photos from my home computer so I can burn them into a CD or DVD to take to the Philippines. I want to show them to my relatives and maybe have some printed and display in a digital frame.

Oh, I don’t know. I’m not really keen to have it fixed as I don’t use it as often anyway. Maybe, when we get back from the Philippines, I would find the time to look for a spare cable. For now, the work laptop will do.