18 May 2009

More Updates

Just a proof that The Tatapilla likes (loves) writing/painting/drawing.

Setting: Jens setting on his chair writing. Mummy is tidying up after dinner. Daddy is in the lounge watching telly.
Jens: Mummy draw.
Mum: Mummy is busy, call Dad.
Jens: Dad, draw.... (wait) Dad, come on, come on. Hahaha (that's me). Dad, NOW!
Dad: This minute?

Setting: Jens and Mummy lying in bed reading a book just before sleeping. The book is "On the Farm". Mummy points to boots, sheep, goat, farmer, barn and..
Mum: What's this.. (pointing to the cow on the book).
Jens: Aya... (I can't understand that but that's what he said when he doesn't know what it is.)
Mum: Come on, you know this.
Jens: I don't know. (Hehehe).
Mum: Cow.
Jens: Mooooo.


Time to hit the hay or if I have a few minutes to spare might look up San Jose motorcycle accident attorney.