20 May 2009

Rainy Wednesday

It’s raining very heavily for two days now. Our backyard looked like swamp this morning. We took the long way to the train station this morning as Mcj suspected that the short cut might be flooded. The river has flooded the bridge on the long route also. I was late as some drivers don’t want to drive on the proper side of the road rather on the middle of the road afraid the water will sweep their car, so cars piled up on one end waiting for the cars from the other side to get through (they might have no life insurance what with the fluctuating life insurance rates right now).

Mcj said it stopped raining at home but the day care centre rang up wanting Jens to be picked-up as they’re scared that the river might rise so high, parents won’t be able to pick-up their kids.
So, it’s play time for Jens at home. He was writing when I rang earlier – his favourite past time. I envy him. Hahaha. I wish I’m with them right now.