18 May 2009

Updates, Updates

The Tatapilla can now say a sentence or a phrase with 4-5 words max. He always has some new fancy and big word everyday. The funny part is him pointing to himself and call “you”. I’ve been trying to teach him to say “me”.

Oh he likes drawing, writing, painting or any work using a pen. He can stay awake until 8:30pm just sitting and scribbling. That’s one of the reasons why I can’t get him to sleep. Lookie here, some of the proof of his talent - his Mother's Day gift to me.

He’s getting confident riding his big car now. And he (rather we) limits his ride at the shop. Well, mainly because he has a big money barrel to fill. We’re teaching him young to save.

He’s gone off eating grapes and rock melon. Maybe because of the weather. It’s getting cooler and these fruit always come out of the fridge. The new fruit in bowl is mandarin. That and banana replaced the grapes and rock melon.

And our Vegas vacations are coming up. Not! Our RP Holiday rather. I’ve been priming him up about the people that we’re going to meet, the places to visit and the carrier that we’re going to ride and he’s quite excited about the plane and boat. Don’t forget the bus, Mum. Hehehe.