27 June 2009

2nd Birthday

Our plan to celebrate The Tatapilla’s 2nd birthday in my parents’ place was pushed through.

Planning was easy. Tita Ma (Nanay’s sister) suggested the menu and list down the ingredients. Heaps of relatives help in the cooking. I ordered the cake three days before the party.

We just had “Pabitin” and “Paagaw”. The space was so small that any games aren’t practical.

We decided to have lechon. I didn’t get any decent photos of the lechon when it was cooked. We went out and when we came back I forgot about it and I just saw them chopping it up. But I think, this will do.

The party was on Friday and we only decided to have lechon on Tuesday night. Good thing we have relatives who were very helpful.

With those yummy food, some might think I would need Liporexall. But no, I didn’t even tasted some of them.

Mcj and I were talking aftermath that Jens didn’t understand what the chaos was all about, although he sang and clapped his hands. For me, it’s the thought that counts. He’ll just have the photos to remind him. Plus, it was also an acquiantance / introduction party for him.