27 June 2009

Funny Phrases

I can’t remember where did Jens hear the word “No Way” from but that’s his most decisive phrase as of this phase. I do remember he started using it when we were back at my parents place. They find him funny and I think clever as well, as Jens always use it in the right occasion.

His Nanna here wants him to stop him from saying that. I don’t mind. It’s a phase. It soon shall pass.

Patting bottom is a sign that we are sending our kids to sleep. When Jens is eating Moocows, Mcj would do that. Jens would then say, No pat bottom. It’s quite funny that Mcj kept on doing it again and again just to hear Jens say No pat bottom.

We don’t have a Kiwi blood. I’m a Filipino, Mcj is Aussie and his ancestors are Danish. But Jens say “Gi Up” for Get Up. Mcj mimics it as he likes the way The Tatapilla says it.