22 June 2009

A Really Big Guy

The Tatapilla had surprised us. We didn’t set expectations of him for our trip but as I have always been saying, he is a happy and contented baby. Nothing to complain about.

And he had proven again that he is very flexible. He is his usual self during the flights. Taking the boat to and from my parents’ place was an excellent idea for him as he had learned a lot. He is very observant and always seeking new things or activities. We stayed mostly outdoors while on the ship.

There was no evidence of a routine being upset apart from an upset tummy (like he was taking the best diet pills). Well, we didn’t have a routine anyway so what is there to upset. Hahaha. He fitted well among his cousins. He eventually got closer to Nanay and Tatay (my parents) and to his aunts and uncles.

Some of the food that he is used to is not available in my parents’ place and we didn’t take any of them with us. He ate what was served except rice.