27 June 2009

Reciting Poems

We can’t point the date when Jens started to show that he can memorise the poems and rhymes he often hears. It was just one day he was reciting the Poem introduction of his favourite telly show, In the Night Garden. It goes like this – I will highlight the words that Jens will say when he hears this.

I borrowed some books for him in the library and it’s been with us for more or less a month. We don’t read it everyday – maybe, 3 times a week is more often.

Last night, after dinner and bath, we got ready for bed. We started the flashcards then followed by reading the books. While he was drifting off to sleep, I started reciting the rhymes in his book and well, I am not surprise. I am more of a very proud Mum. He was able to fill in the blanks.

Clap hands, dance and spin.
Open wide and pop it in.
Blow the trumpet, bang a drum.
Wave to Daddy, wave to Mum. (Jens say Mummy)

Squelch, squelch in the mud.
Splish, splash, scrub-a-dub.
Gently, gently brush your hair.
Tickle, tickle under there.

I believe, if he is able to say lots of words, he might be able to recite these poems. Oh, I’m just so excited. Haha. And wondering, what’s the buzz on Rochester personal injury lawyer.