21 July 2009

The Bubby is 'ick

We had a staff meeting at the office late this afternoon and some socialisation after that so I wasn't able to go home in usual time. I rang up to talk to Mcj to be told that he was called by Jens' "school" as The Bubby is 'ick. I was worried of course. It wasn't even a month when he was struck by RSV caused illness and now, here we go again. At the back of my mind, I was thinking of not working at all so I can take care of him. I feel guilty.

As usual, my one-and-a-half-men picked me up at the train station. I was told Jens' threw up thrice at school, hence he is wearing somebody else's pants. He used up the extra pair of clothes I packed for him today. This may sound weird but I am thankful that it is just a stomach bug that hit him - not flu or cold or anything worse. Today's episode was the third for him to get sick since he was born and in other two, we were not worried. He was his usual self. Thank God for that.

He is asleep now. No drama to put him to sleep and ate fairly enough. My mind if put at rest. We had a big and heartfelt talk before he went to sleep so I feel better also. Nothing to worry about else I might be needing best wrinkle cream soon. Absolutely NOT!