08 July 2009

It Runs In the Family

Well from me to Jens that is.

I am not sure if I have stressed enough before that I like shoes, shoes, shoes and shoes. Although these days, I’ve curbed my spending on them and I now go for comfort and durability unlike before. I go for my fancy.

Anyway, the Tatapilla has caught up to me on that. There was one point when he owned 5 pairs. His Nanna said, he should grow more feet. When we were at the mall in the Philippines, we were looking for flipflops for him. It took so long yet, we didn’t find any. He and his Dad were roaming around and found school shoes (it was opening of classes). The Little Boy fell in love with them (Yes, fell in love). He was wearing them while we were paying for them. The sales attendant had to just get the tag from them. It had been his favourite shoes while we were there – the flashing shoes were set aside. They’re in hiding now as I reckon, they are not everyday shoes.

These days the boots (Mummy’s boots that is) and warming shoes are out because of the cold weather. When we get home, he would take off his own shoes and put mine on. One morning he had my shoes on in going to the train station. He just likes (if only I can use the term “love”) women shoes and big shoes and just any shoes. But at his age, it’s quite costly to go with his fancy. He grows out of them like lightning.