20 July 2009

Language Skills

I just dropped-off Jens to day care. It’s the first since we came back from our holiday. He was a bit clingy and shy at first, as usual.

I was told by his career, L, a Filipina that he is very good with his language. I am glad to hear that. Our effort and non-effort to teach him is paying off. As I’ve said before, we don’t have routines at home. We do things as we go and when we have time. We read books when he wants to. But every minute is a learning experience. We teach him anything that would be beneficial for him whenever the change arise.

Last Friday, Mcj was held up because he was asked how we managed to teach him to remember his Nanna’s and Poppy’s names as well as ours and his last name. There were amazed. Our Little Boy really makes us proud.

So much babbling about it, have to do the Outer Banks opp and get back to work.