29 July 2009


The Tatapilla is not back up to his healthy aura yet. He has been sick on and off since we got back from our holiday. These common colds are really wearing him down.

Ice cream is the favourite food. He would ask them before dinner and won’t eat his dinner at all. It’s frustrating but I have to let it be lest he’ll be screaming and would end up coughing more.

Hopefully, this illness would soon go. I want to see him back to his normal self, eating lots of veggies and being a fruit bat. And no snotty nose.

I’ve been doing some research on food ideas for him as I know that he’s in the stage of being a picky eater. He likes pasta salad, pizza, noodles, pancakes, and chips. I’m also considering of consulting our GP if we can give him any vitamins to boost his immune system or his system at all. If only, I can get remedy for his illness as easy as getting netbooks for bookwork. But nah. I have to be patience and try to get him back to normal.