02 August 2009

Health Update

Jens is quite good now, since Friday afternoon actually. He got his appetite back - stuffing himself with anything. The non-stop eater is back.

He is still coughing and very mucousy. But he hasn't had any fever since Friday night so that's a very good news. I hope whatever he has is not swine flu or if it is (I can't do anything about it), he is getting over it.

He lost a bit of weight - I can see and feel it when I hold his bare arms but nothing to worry about. He was a bit beefed up before that he just used up his buffer.

The Wiggles is still the favourite singer. Our tv stand is very short so he is able to put the telly on or stand infront of it to have a good view. Not that it's not a good view to stay away from it. It's just him or a kid in him. Hahaha.

Anyway, he has another GP appointment tomorrow. Hopefully, everything will be alright.