18 August 2009

My, Mine, Etc..

Jens is at that stage now – everything at home is his even if somebody is holding it. The biggest thing he owns so far is “my car”. I just find it amusing.

The Wiggles is his favourite band – if you may call them that. He watch their DVD in the morning when he wakes up, before going to sleep during daytime on weekends and if I will let him, before going to sleep at night. And the funny thing is, not all their songs are loved by him. If I’m around to fiddle the remote, he would be screaming “no like it” 20 seconds after the start of every song. We are planning (It is actually my idea) to watch the Wiggles when they have a concert here in Brisbane on December this year. Mcj said, it would really be funny when we are at the concert and when everyone is quite and Jens would scream “no like it”.

He is back in his old self now; eating any food he sees. It is good but I complain. Why? We have to give him a bath or bum wash three to four times a day. Haha. Well, what goes in must come out, right? Lest he would be needing weight loss supplements.

He's fast asleep now after watching The Wiggles which we just skipped and skipped. It helped him get sleepy though.