02 August 2009

On Toys

Jens' Nanna always say that we are buying toys way ahead of his age. Yes we do. But I think, we are just being smart and wise. Why would we buy toys or clothes for that matter for his age, when he'll just grow out of it in three months? We are also thinking ahead. We want toys that will last and he will enjoy longer. So far our big investments, yes I call it investments, are his push bike, his pedal bike and big black car. I know he likes swing sets but these toys requires constant supervision. Plus the fact that he doesn't stay home everyday of the week, buying them is not practical for now. Maybe, when he has a sister or brother, ahurm, we might be compelled to buy one.

Jens also uses his imagination almost all the time. Lookie here, he wanted to have a shower in the fountain and I was not so sure that the water was clean.