18 September 2009

The Latest Chariot

I've mentioned before that we left his pram in the Philippines when we last went there. It was just heavy for me to push and he'll grow out of it any time soon anyway. Plus, it doesn't fold out pretty nifty.

Jens had been pram-less for over two months. Then, we saw this stroller - something that I really want to have at a lower cost - maybe not as sturdy as steel buildings but will do on suburban roads. We bought it. And The Tatapilla had a ride around the place to try it on - as if it was his first time to ride a stroller or pram. Well, that's why it's always nice to be a kid - appreciates little things and big things as well.

Psssttt. Don't mind our messy lawn - it's winter and grass are not growing so we're trying to save up fuel for the mower. Haha.