20 September 2009

How's Your Weekend Everyone?

I'm having a break from a very hectic day. Yeah. That's the reward for being spontaneous.

I didn't do any washing yesterday, thinking of doing it today. Last night, I planned to have a quick trip to the shops to grab a moisturiser - one of my moisturisers are running out. Then, Mcj decided to have a quick trip to the pool. So I did went to the shops alone - which I had a hard time looking as it wasn't there at all. I had a good time doing a quick retail therapy - bought a new type of moisturiser (and cheap, too) and two brand of fragrances (and they are marked down as well). If only life insurance rates are like them.

Then, off to the pool.

And I forgot the floaties. Had to get back to the house then when I got back to father and son, Jens had a fright on the water already. Ended up in tears. So we decided to have lunch and Jens played in the playground - I haven't transferred the photos yet, still in my camera.

It was fun - but I'm a big exhausted being a superwoman. Hahaha.