27 September 2009

Let's Swim

Not. That's Jens yesterday. He likes water. He likes having a splash but something happened last weekend at the pool that disheartened him about swimming. I left his floaties at home and had to get back and while I was away, he and Daddy went in the pool. He was quite happy splashing and dropping on his face and at one time, it took Mcj a bit longer to take him out. He now detest it - I hope it won't last long.

He had swimming lesson yesterday and all the while we were in the water, he was screaming. We didn't have any lessons at all. But we'll pursue it until he's over his fear.

He likes the playground there though, it's worth coming over.

Look, how much he has grown up. If he's an adult, a liporexall would be necessary to get ride of that big fat belly. Lol.



Sunshine4Life said...

Hi sis, how can Jenn grow so fast. He is sooo cute. :)

Hope all is well with you all. Take care and God bless.