18 September 2009

My Little Shopper

For plenty of reasons, Jens likes going to the shop. He now knows where we turn to go to the shop from his day care. And most of the time, we pass that intersection he would yell out from the back - shops. I know the reason why? The Wiggles ride. He's really so eager these days to get there. I went shopping the other night and he had a crying fit just to go with me. I don't like driving at night because of those blaring lights of the other cars on the opposite road so I left him with Dad.

See him on top of the shopping trolley? The father and son just like having fun and fooling around the shops. We have a full trolley - car booster, Jens' new chariot, Mummy's car accessories and some toys.

Oh, it wouldn't be long that my little shopper will turn into "I want this - I want that" madman. I don't look forward to it. :D