01 October 2009

10 Things To Do Before Ten

Thought of sharing these tips:
1. Reading & Writing Intensive Phonics; Copywork; start English Language Notebook
2. Oral Narration Daily
3. Memorization Bible; poetry; passages of literature; Greek and/or Hebrew alphabet
4. Hearing & Listening Read aloud 2 hours per day from a variety of fiction and nonfiction; start History Notebook; timeline
5. Family Worship Family Bible study morning and evening using grammar level questions
6. Arts & Crafts Provide the time, space, and materials; develop creativity
7. Field Trips & Library Start learning elementary library research; investigate the world
8. Work & Service Schedule for chores; visit nursing home, etc.
9. Discipline First-time obedience
10. Play & Exploration Develop the imagination

The bottom line of all these tips is about educating our child, theoretically and balanced it with exposure to the real world.

Mcj and I are great believers of education.

The “school” gave us a toy catalogue and I saw golf play set. I asked Mcj if we can buy one. He said, I don’t want to encourage him to do anything that I want him to do. I want Jens to be educated to be able to figure out what he wants for himself.