24 October 2009

All Natural

I thought I have found the right lotion for me and Jens. I've been swapping brands since I came here - what with the changing weather, my skin can't cope. I've been using the Vaseline and Jens, Johnson Natural. It's quite good but only works for a couple of hours. Plus, my lotion doesn't really moisturise the creases on my sole. You would say, I should use a proper foot lotion. I do. It's just that foot lotion are very sticky - makes me feel hot and sweaty.

But I tried my MIL's lotion one time and I like it. It's all natural and not sticky. The only thing I can find fault is the smell, but it's still pleasant as it smells of herbs.

It's quite dear compare to your usual body lotion but I think, it is worth it just like Nespresso. Might be dearer but the benefit is double than those the usual brands.


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