24 October 2009

At The Shops

We dropped by Chemist before we head to the Supermarket today. Jens wanted to sit on the waiting chair there. I went to look for the lotion that I want to buy. When I came back, Jens was clutching a couple of catalogue in his armpit. It's like his portfolio. He's acting like an adult. Really cute.

At the Supermarket, he wanted to choose the grapes and water melon himself. Imagine how many do I have to pick before I got the right one.

There's a little toy section at the supermarket that we always check out - it's next to nappies (sorry copper kitchen sinks in there). He wanted to go down as he was sitting on the trolley. I knew his intention but I still let him. He picked-up a front-loader tractor and played with it but I told him that I won't buy it for him as we just bought him new toys last weekend. He told me "I'll just hold it 4 minutes". And so he did while I went to get some ice cream. He then decided to play chase-y as he wanted to take the toy home. But I know he just wanted to have fun. I promised him that we're going to buy another Barney DVD so that settled him.

Shopping for us has a new level. I know it'll get better or worse.