23 October 2009

Product Recall

..for dummies or pacifier.

Recently, there are 14 brands of dummies that were recalled by one of the states here. The safely shields of some of the dummies are not big enough to prevent it from lodging into babies' throat. Some has too small ventilation holes that may block the airways of the baby. Some did not have secure teats or rings.
The recalled dummies are:
- Crib Mates 2 Pack Pacifier
- Soother Baby Pacifiers
- AQIN Potato Dummy.
- Toys Dummy
- Apple Baby New Series of Infant Necessities Baby Dummy
- Smile Bear 3 Piece Nipples Soother and Chain BN1061
- Happy Angel Dummy
- Smile Bear Baby Necessaries Pacifier
- Apply Baby Necessities 333
- Ai-Non PN 129
- Pinkie Baby's Best Need D014 Dummy
- Pinkie "Oh, my first kiss" D006 Dummy
- Apple Healthy Baby Pacifier BW2235
- Pigeon Silicone Pacifier "Step 2" 5 months plus.

Thank God, we didn't have this worry then. Jens never learn how to suck a dummy when he was little.

Credit: Yahoo7