20 October 2009

Snippets and One Liners

Here are some snippets of conversations with Jens or his one liners.

Striking a conversation.
What you doing, Mum? Washing the dishes. What you doing, Mum? Talking to you. What you doing, Mum? We then talk of many things..

Finish your breakfast.
I’ve had enough. I’m finished.

What do you want for dinner?
No veggies.

No pat bottom. (when Mcj is trying to put him to sleep.)

Do you want baby sister?
No. I want baby cakes.

Where does Mummy work?
In the train.

Where did you leave your shoes?
Burpengary. (our suburb)

Let’s brush your peggies (while I’m holding his toothbrush).
It’s my turn (to brush his teeth, that is).

How much do you weigh?
Too much. Sometimes he’ll say “Two minutes”.

I asked him to ask his Granddad, if he wants coffee.
Do you want coffee, Roy? (That’s what I call my father-in-law).

Let’s go to sleep.
I just wake up, four minutes.

He was trying to get me up the bed.
Mum, five minutes up. (I usually beg another 5 minutes in bed).

He was trying to convince me to get baby cakes at the shops.
Mum, last one (with one finger up).

Wanting to buy more balls at the shop.
Mum, get me balls.

Tonight, out in the backyard.
Planes gone. Another one coming up. Another one not coming up.

Jens can be a chatter box sometimes. One time, an elderly lady at the shops noticed him talking non-stop and she asked how old Jens is. I said, 2 years and 2 months and she said, he’s too little to be talking. I think, she meant of Jens talking the way he is – like an adult. I really didn’t baby talked him when he was little plus mingling with older kids at day care help expand his vocabulary at a rocket pace.