26 November 2009

And What Are the Latest?

Guitar. He’s been watching The Wiggles for quite sometime now and we bought him a small guitar over a month ago. But it was just last night when he started being a rocker. Although, he mimics the Red Wiggle who is not a rock star, Jens plays with his guitar like he is one. He’s been rounding the kitchen and lounge room last night. I took some video of him doing his stint on the bed but it isn’t good enough as he keeps on grabbing the cam as he wanted to see himself. This gives me the idea for his Christmas gift – The Wiggles guitar.

Concern. When he sees that you are wincing or heard you grunt, he’ll look you in the eyes and ask “You alright?” with a genuine look of concern. It is very touching. When you ask him, if he is alright, he’ll say “I’m just alright” while tapping his chest.

Politeness. He’s been saying “Thanks”, “Thank you, “Your welcome”, “Please” already. But these days, he’s using them in more complicated scenarios. Last night, I offered him milk and he said, “No thanks, I’m full”. But he didn’t say No to an ice cream. Lol. (It’s been very hot lately and our 4396710 filter is really put into test).

Why. From what I read, he’s quite ahead of his age when it comes to answering and asking questions. One evening, he wanted to have a 2nd ice cream. I asked him “why would I give you another one?”. He said, “Coz, I’m smart”. I was out-witted. Lol. He’s been asking “why” for the past two days now. So far, they’re just easy to answer. I’m excited as well as dreadful of the day when the “why’s” are never ending.