01 November 2009

Cutting Molars

One day last week, Jens woke up in the morning with slight fever but clingy and whiny. I was baffled as he was a happy chappy before he went to sleep the night before. He doesn’t have any symptoms of cold or flu, either.

I realised the cause when he didn’t ask for a toast, like he used to and didn’t want to drink milk. He is teething. I’ve felt his lower molars about a fortnight ago but just brushed it off my mind. They now have cut into his gums and I can’t really imagine how painful it is as I don’t have a memory of having excruciating toothache, but with his age and the size of tooth that’s coming out of his gums let alone two at a time, must have been “hell” as what we adults call it – very far from a holiday feeling even if it’s not close to orlando vacations type.

I took a day off work as I feel he needs some TLC plus Daddy won’t be able to tend to him the whole day as he has a meeting with the accountant.

A dose of Panadol every 4 or so hours and lots of cuddles did it. He’s now back to day care.