26 November 2009

Fruit Bat

Your Name Comes From Jupiter

You are an open-minded, adventurous person who has an expansive view of the world.
You are quite cosmopolitan, and inflexibility of any wort really turns you off.
You're outgoing, warm, and jovial. You are willing to welcome all newcomers into your life.
You celebrate life every single day. There's so much to learn and do. You love to take it all in.

I took this test in behalf of The Tatapilla for fun. Oh well, I just hope he will turn half of what was said if anything at all and I’d be happy as a lark.

Anyway, since the weather started to get warm he is back to being a fruit bat. For some reason that I didn’t realise then, three months ago he turned his nose up on fruit that he used to love. Later, I deduced that it must be the cold weather that turned-off his appetite on fruit. Now, he is on it again – banana, grapes, water melon, rock melon, plums, etc. Just as well, as the fruit are in abundance these days. They’re yummy and juicy. Yet, with all this fruit eating, The Tatapilla hasn’t lost his big fat belly (which makes him look cute). If he’s an adult Stimerex ES would be on the shopping list to get rid of the love handles. But, I reckon Jens needs those curves as a buffer for when the next bug hits.