01 November 2009

Guess What?

That's Jens' opening line for striking a converstation. Make it sound like "Guess Whot?". Kids are really funny these days, especially mine. He can talk back easily of what he was just told.

Just this morning, I told him that he is turning into a TV junkie as he watches "The Wiggles" before and after sleep. He told me, "I not a tv junkie!"

And he is Mr. Independent now to the 10th level. He doesn't want me to help him on anything like plucking his corn off the cob, taking the brush off the pan, getting off the car, or climbing the stairs. I wonder when he wants to apply for jobs like philadelphia pa jobs in the future, if he would solicit my advice. It's really scary as if he doesn't need us anymore. Oh well, there's the pros and cons.