01 November 2009

I Belong To You

Dinner time. I usually, give Jens dinner before serving ours, that so I can supervise him lest he’ll just muck around with his food. Although, he can feed himself quite good, sometimes, he needs coaxing and bribing in order to finish his veggies.

He was playing up – telling me he’s had enough of his dinner even if he had just downed less than half of it. I sort of told him that if he’s really good, I might give him some treats. Out of the blue, he said “I belong to you”. Sort of like saying that he’s my little boy and that he’ll get what he wants.

It’s funny how he says that sentence, with emphasis on To You with finger pointing.

He’s really excellent in his vocabulary (deserves a ski vacation – if he’s already an adult). Everyday, new word, new sentence, new phrase. It never stops to amaze me the speed that he is learning things.

Sometimes, I wonder how he can assimilate things and words even if he heard it once and in a different context. I guess I’ll just have to stop underestimating the power of kids to learn at a rocket speed – especially my kid.