13 December 2009

Jens’ Christmas Party at “School”

Mcj was so tired after a hard day at work that it’s just me and Jens there, of course, apart from the others.

Jens liked the Santa “Clown” and the snow cone which he called ice block/cream. We had sausages and lollies.

The party is organised by the day care centre and they spend their own money on it. I’ve heard that most centres don’t organise an even like it. It’s the own initiative of Happy Times.

We capped our night with queuing for the characters balloons that the Santa “Clown” makes for everyone which was quite a feat as I have to heap-up Jens so he can get in line (which makes me very tired and felt like I just did a cross country moving companies in the morning).

Jens’ has a close friend at school named S. We were invited to her birthday party last week and we sort of like formed a good friendship with her parents. We caught up with each other while our kids are playing. The two are just really close. Look at them.