13 December 2009

My Customer

In the span of 4 days, I baked banana cake twice. The first one last Saturday and Jens had the last slice Monday night. It was so moist because I put a fair amount of butter in it. We really liked it. After stuffing a big chunk on his mouth so I won’t share with it, Jens wanted some more so I baked another one last Monday night. This time, it was very heavy (if there’s such term) and moist as I didn’t put much flour in it. We ate it when it was steaming hot. It was very yummy. I had the last slice last night and wanted to bake another lot but I was a bit tired.

If we’re home early tonight from Jens’ Christmas Party, I might use the oven again. I bought more than 3 kilos of banana again last night. I’m on roll in baking. I really want to try my hand on baking some fancy recipes and what a fun way it is to go when there’s somebody who loves your concoction. I have so many recipes to try on but for now, I’ll just stick to one that I know is a hit (like aruba hotels to those who want to bask in the sun).

It really feels nice to bake or cook when you know there are somebody to eat it aside from yourself.