Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

22 January 2009


I never thought toilet-training can be funny. Well, it’s all in the attitude anyway. Every article I read on toilet-training says that it should not be a negative experience for the parents and the child. And I always keep it in mind.

The Tatapilla is really geared-up for this exercise. I mentioned earlier that he can now say “poo” and really mean it – for wee and poo, anyway. Though lately, it sort of like a joke or part of his routine to say it even if he doesn’t want to sit on his potty. I checked his nappy this morning right when he wake up and it was dry. He knows what wet means and can say it. One thing that’s just make it funny and frustrating at times is he doesn’t sit on his potty longer. He’s there one second, the next he would be pushing it or playing somewhere else.

Oh yeah, we have lots of little accidents on that department already. One time, he said “mess” and just cried. He doesn’t like the sight of “yuck”. He can say “yuck” and really mean it. This morning, he said “wet” pointing to his leg and foot. He peed on the floor instead on his potty, that’s why.

When he sits on his potty, I make sound to motivate him – like ummmmm or shhhhhh. Now, he just says them himself. Isn’t that just funny? I went to wee last night and he said, sssssshhhhhh! Lol.

Early Bird

Waking up real early in the morning for a couple of days had taken its toll on The Tatapilla. Last night, there was no hanging around in the lounge after dinner. He just said goodnight to everybody and wanted to have “moo c” (short for moo cow). He was in an emergency mode that I skipped giving him a bath thinking that he’ll have a break, then I would freshen him up but there was no big drama. I just managed to teach him to say “I love you Dah” which he said it like “I... Dah”. He then crashed out.

I let him sleep on our bed until it was our time to hit the hay. He slept until in the wee hour of the morning (it’s as though he felt so comforted with some special linens like Sferra). I was woken up of his crying, sort of saying like “mine or ma”. It was so dark that I got up to pick him up from his cot and then I heard Mcj talking to him. He was already picking him up. I don’t turn the light on when he stir at night because that will wake him up completely. He had a bit of “moo c” again and went to sleep until about 6am.

He is such an early bird these days. He sort of all the time thinking of play. Hummmm, I wonder if it’s good though.

20 January 2009

BPA Free, Etc.

I am not really keen on what type of bottle, container, cutleries or sippy cup I use for Jens. Maybe because I breastfeed so I am not really concern about it. When he started eating solids, I bought stuff that we think are practical and reliable without any thought of chemicals that in might leach on the food. His first feeding bowl chafes after I use it to reheat spaghetti – over timed. I stopped using it.

I was browsing around when I saw in ..... page the use of BPA bottles. Reading it really interests me and got me curious. And the funny thing is, I realised BPA free bottle in the Philippines are dear. But I am not going to compare it here. I did a bit of research and found out that Jens’ new feeding utensils are BPA free (Nuby brand). I also checked the container I use to store fruit or packed lunch sometimes and it has number 5 recycling level (or whatever you may call it). When, I reach home later, I’ll do the same with our other food containers and Jens’ stuff.

I’ve also found two online stores that sell BPA products and accept Paypal for payment. If I found out later that Jens’ stuff are not BPA free, I might start anew on collecting containers – I already have heaps that I’m running out of room.

Oh well, this is just some of the things that we have to put up with in life.

Anyway, .. said that US hasn’t banned the use BPA in plastic containers, etc yet. I read that it is because the governing body on environmental blah there said that the BPA level on food containers and stuff is 400 times lower than the standard level or harmful level of BPA and they didn’t see any health risk, or if there is, it could be minimal.

Custard For Breakfast

Yes, that was what The Tatapilla was asking this morning. He woke up real early even if he went to sleep late. So, I took him with me to the kitchen while I get ready for the day. I first made him breakfast – cereal with stewed apple and milk. He doesn’t like it. I made him peanut paste sandwich, he just toyed with it – poking his fingers to get just the peanut paste. All of a sudden, he said “yogk”, his term for yogurt or custard and at the same time pointing to the fridge.

Life was so simple for us when he doesn’t know how to talk yet, when he doesn’t know what things are called, when he was not ask to decide what he wants. Now, he always makes the choice and the decision. And he can defy us wilfully. He chooses which shoes he wants to wear for the day. I can make him open his mouth and put food in it but he spits them out right away if he doesn’t want to swallow it. He can manipulate me to giving him stuff that I don’t want to – just by pulling a sweet smile with cuddles and kisses.

I am not whinging, as a matter of fact I am happy and proud of his milestones. It just sad to think sometimes that he is slowly becoming a Big Guy but I still call him Mummy’s Li’l Boy.

18 January 2009

My Big Guy

Yes, my little boy is a Big Guy now. Very independent and willful. He does what he wants even if we don't want him to. Tough!
This photo was taken at the park last weekend - at the football field. He was about to catch the birds but they flew away. He looks so intent, isn't it?
He's 18 months now and a real toddler in attitude. :)
I'm just musing while at the same time wants to do a paid post on the best diet pills.

14 January 2009

Big Guy

We have plenty of time to get to the train station yesterday morning that we decided to drop The Tatapilla to day care first.

The usual routine was I was taken to the station first as we always take the back route which is faster and then Mcj would drop him off to day care and give him his breakfast. Mcj said these past days The Tatapilla would instantly find his place in his room – sit on his chair and face his cereal with stewed apple. Mcj would then leave.

When we reached the centre, there was a bit of a drama as he wanted to broommmm brooommm first. We gave him a couple of minutes then off I took him inside. There were lots of kids already, playing and some eating. The Tatapilla took his seat and face his first meal. I didn’t have to worry when I was about to leave as he was not paying attention to me at all. He was just looking at the other kids and ready to attach his food.

I was glad of it because there was no hugging and tugging before I can leave but at the back of my mind, I am sad. Our little boy has his own world now. And in there, he doesn’t need us anymore. He is just almost 18 months. He is so ahead of his age. On the bright side, he is so clever and smart for his age – can turn the telly (as it is not on plasma mount) on and off when told. We’re now experiencing mixed emotions on his rapid growth. But overall, we are happy. Happy as can be.

12 January 2009


Sunday. Jens sitting in his high chair getting ready for his lunch. He said, Da (short for Daddy). I said, Daddy is sleeping. He brought his right index finger close to his nose and mouth and said, Susshhhhhhhh!
I was dumbstruck. My little boy knows how to sushhhh. Whooahhhhh!

I think, he was taught in day care to keep quite when somebody is sleeping, hence the sushing.

You see, we don’t really get an everyday updates of what are they doing in school except when they paint as Jens would have paint on his head or face or in his hands. Though, there’s a monthly newsletter, it doesn’t say much. I also don’t get to talk to his carer much often. We don’t have an idea what are they doing and we can’t supplement it. But my little boy is very smart. He displays what he learned in school when the opportunity arises.

Just like one night last week, I borrowed a new book for him – Ten Fingers.

I have ten little fingers and they all belong to me. I can make them do things, would you like to see?
I can shut them up tight or open them wide.
I can put them all together or make them all hide.
I can make them jump high, I can make them jump low.
I can fold them quietly and hold them just so.

I read it to him with action and all of a sudden he was doing the action for “I can put them all together”. What can I say?

Again, we reminded ourselves, putting him to day care is not a bad idea after all.

07 January 2009

Potty Training

My nephews were potty trained since they were born. My sister would sit them in between her legs right after they wake up in the morning and would make a pissing sound right after their nap. I didn’t do the same for Jens. It’s just too much hassle for me. I reckon, if my sister had a choice to use disposable nappies she would have gotten away with potty training my nephews at an early age.

By the time Jens reach one year old, I’ve read enough information about toilet training or so I thought. We bought his potty before he turned one and it ended up as one of his toys that he pushed around. It is a swan/goose that has a handle to push or to hang on to when he is truly using it for its purpose.

Toilet training is not really in our daily routine or something that we planned on doing. And then he went to school. He started off in the baby room and after four months he was transferred to the toddler room. In the new room, tots who want to sit on the toilet are allowed to do so as long as they want. I think, before I even know it, Jens has been exposed to toilet training already.

Since he would be staying mostly home in the past holiday season, we bought him pull-ups. He’d been showing signs that he is ready to use the potty – sitting on it longer than he used to. And he can already say poo and wee. Before we know it, he’s in the toilet training proper now. He says poo when he will have a go or when he had already. We didn’t have big drama or major disaster. The only problem at times is even when he said poo; he doesn’t want to sit on his potty because he wants to play. Needs more convincing before he’ll sit.

Overall, I’m happy with his attitude on this endeavour. It’s a big accomplishment for tots if they can have a go successfully in the toilet or potty and my little boy have been doing it. And he is just almost 18 months. He makes Mummy and Daddy proud.