Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

23 February 2009

Big Bird Ride

We went to the mall in the next suburb yesterday, on the hunt for Battle Star Galactica season 4. It was not available in the Sanity shop in our suburb.

After buying the DVD, we scouted for rides. We only found this.

It's not his favourite ride as he loves those with steering wheel but this is something new - he doesn't even know who big bird is as he doesn't watch Sesame Street.
Jens loves rides. He can go on and on and on. These things are Mummies little saving grace. Something to bribe the kids to behave while Mummy is shopping. And they sure bring smiles and delight to kids (even to those who have cerebral palsy).

Big Night for the Big Guy

One thing that got me hesitant to accept my current job is the travelling part of it. We have customers all over Australia and also overseas. There are possibilities of travelling. I reckoned then The Tatapilla was still too young to be left. But Mcj said, me leaving him for overnight or more would happen sooner or later anyway.

Last night was our first test. I haven't weaned The Tatapilla yet, but our routine is sort of like that already as he only have some Mooc when going to sleep. We were worried a few days before my trip.

But our worried was put to waste.

M U M was just not mentioned at home. I was told that I was not missed. He went to sleep after drinking warm milk and slept through the night.

We underestimated him.

He stayed up late on the night that I went home to pick me up at the airport because my plane was late and gave me big hugs - with squeels while running to meet me at the arrival area.

On my side, I was so sad when I left him at the airport waving and sniffing. I missed him heaps, of course. I missed my one-and-a-half men but that's the price I have to pay for accepting this job. I'll get used to it, eventually (it's not like taking weight loss pills).

12 February 2009

Appetite Slump

The Tatapilla has a poor appetite for several days now. He has a mild common cold, could be the cause. Although, I told myself that I should not worry – this is the first time that happened to him. He had been sick before but he never lost his appetite on food. He is the type that eats whatever is served to him. Even his carer noticed that and told me about it. He is not picky when it comes to something to stuff his face.

He is usual self – happy, active, and cheeky and a chirpy little imp. There’s really nothing to worry about but I’m sure most of the Mums would agree with me that although we don’t worry, matter such as this is always in our mind.

I did a bit of reading about toddlers’ slump of appetite. I just want to share this:

Appetite Slump in Toddlers
What is an appetite slump?Between 1 and 5 years old, it is normal for a toddler's appetite to slow down. It will probably seem like your child doesn't eat enough, is never hungry, or won't eat unless you spoon-feed her yourself. As long as your child's energy level is normal and she is growing normally, your child's appetite is most likely naturally slowing down.

What is the cause?Between 1 and 5 years of age many children normally gain only 4 or 5 pounds each year even though they probably gained 15 pounds during their first year. Children in this age range can normally go 3 or 4 months without any weight gain. Because they are not growing as fast, they need less calories and they seem to have a poorer appetite (this is called physiological anorexia). How much a child chooses to eat is controlled by the appetite center in the brain. Kids eat as much as they need for growth and energy.

Many parents try to force their child to eat more than she needs to because they fear that her poor appetite might cause poor health or a nutritional deficiency. This is not true, however, and forced feedings actually decrease a child's appetite.

How long will the appetite slump last?Once you allow your child to be in charge of how much she eats, the unpleasantness at mealtime and your concerns about her health should disappear in a matter of 2 to 4 weeks. Your child's appetite will improve when she becomes older and needs to eat more.

When should you call your child's health care provider?your child is losing weight
your child has not gained any weight in 6 months
your child also has symptoms of illness (for example, diarrhea or fever)
your child gags on or vomits some foods
someone is punishing your child for not eating
following these guidelines has not improved mealtimes in your house within 1 month
you have other questions or concerns

If you have the same concern and want to know how to help your child, check here.

07 February 2009

Travel Planning Updates

I am really excited with our upcoming trip back to the Philippines that we did our itenirary last year. There are changes, yes and have been accomodated.

So far, we've booked our flights and got a travel insurance - we didn't get an insurance online. It's just in our health insurance provider.

Next up would be our accomodation and transportation there.

We still have to many things to do. I'm catching up on my presents to the tribe though.

So, we are all geared up, so to speak.

03 February 2009

The Latest Faze

Playing with the hose in the backyard.
It was so hot then and I asked Mcj if we can go to the pool to have a quick dip. I was just actually thinking of Jens. He then, took out the hose which Jens really really love. He had to ride his bike first. Then, water the grass - held the noozle too close to the ground to make some hissing sound. He made some puddles also.
Bask in the sun while it's summer. I wonder what will be his faze in the cold season. I just hope it won't be really cold so we can still stay outdoors - and maybe see some ball lock pins.

One for the Wish List

European cruises. Nice, Italy, Rome, Venice, Paris, Majorca, Roussel chocolates, coco chanel fashion, what else?

Sounds wonderful, isn’t it? I’ve just finished reading a book where the leads went to Europe – and the author really describes the Mediterranean fabulously. If I’m not already convinced that it is really beautiful there, reading the book might have done the trick.

I hope I can see any of those cities. I wouldn’t mind if it’s not on a cruise just as long as we get there. Lols. How long do I have to save up for our fare? Or how much do we need to spend through our credit cards inorder to earn QFF points? There are hotels and resorts around Paris that are members of Interval International so we can book our accomodation there for a week at least.

One for the wish list, this is. Maybe, we can materialise this when The Tatapilla is big enough to appreciate fancy things. :)

A Climber

I saw the other night in the Funniest Home Video, a kid blowing his hair using a vacuum cleaner. Now, that was a genius. We have vacuums lying around and Jens had been playing with it but I am sure, he doesn’t know how to make it work. And I’m grateful. It’s just one of those disasters that we don’t really need.

He’s gaining a reputation in “school” as a climber now. Yes, he is good in climbing up anything. He climbs on the small table and moves to the lounge chair then slide down. He does the same pattern every night for several times. He once climbed on his high chair. He was really cunning as the table top was still on, so he just hang-on tight on the handle and sat on the foot holder.

He likes it when I let him stand on a chair while I am washing up some dishes or just wiping them up. He thinks, he’s a big guy. Not safe though, as sometimes he wants to turn the tap on.

Speaking of taps, Mcj freshen him up in the laundry tub one day. Jens turned the hot water tap scalding a part of his back. But it was a lesson well learned as he is not quick on turning the tap anymore.

01 February 2009

The Centenary Lakes

We live close to this park. It's a massive place and has lots of ponds. If we have time, we drove up there to feed the wild ducks. The little man likes it. He also share the ducks' bread.

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