Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

19 April 2009


This is one of the moments when Jens said NOOOO that I was able to capture. We went to the park to feed the ducks and have a bit of a game around the grass area. It was getting late so we head back to the car and he said NOOOO. With determination.

No has been his automatic reply if ask of something. But he always mean it. You can't force him to say something when he says NO. It should be the end of it. No more persuasion.

Oh well. Independent.

The Tatapilla is watching video clips on the other computer. Gives me time to blog and check the life insurance no exam. Hopefully he'll be amused for long.

Too Much Brown

I have never seen anyone getting sick from eating too much chocolate until Jens had in the middle of this week. We bought him several chocolates last Easter and I didn't give the lot to him at once.

One night after dinner, I gave him the Kinder rabbit. He wouldn't let go the whole lot. I just managed to get an eight off him. He was fine after eating it. He had a play and bath. He went to sleep without a fuss.

Around 9PM, he woke up spewing. I was thankful he was in our bed, we instantly knew what happened. He chucked-up twice and we changed our beddings that night. We're soaked. We were not worried though as he was his old self. No crying or fussing around. He managed to drink lots of water which he just spewed later.

Thank God, he was fine the next morning. He also had a good night sleep. We deduce, it was from too much chocolate. Oh well. There's still a whole bunny in the fridge.

Maybe, Lucky can have it just like Frontline.

The Real Thing

The Tatapilla likes anything with steering wheel. He would stay longer in the car when we reach home from somewhere so he can play with the steering wheel. He likes getting into one of the ride-on mowers too. He look forward going to the shop so he can go in the rides.

When we saw a big car on sale, we snatched the opportunity to get him one. It's his advanced birthday gift.

He's not so much inlove with it yet as the pedal is a bit far but I know, he will be taken into it in no time, just like his bike.

So much for that, have to check out what's the buzz on nuphedra.

Smart Boy

Our schedule has been pretty hectic lately. Mcj is always busy at work while I am as ever like that too. We didn't even get the chance to go out last Easter weekend apart from going to the park to feed the ducks.

But all is good in the home front.

Jens is getting bigger, smarter and quite a handful. As much as possible, we don't let him out of our sight. When he's outdoor, he takes off whenever. Quite scary as he can get into one of the farm machinery and hurt himself. Good thing he likes watching telly with his favourite show "In the night garden". It can amuse him on end and I can do some chores. He even sometimes turn the tv on because our tv stand is not that high.

He's pretty good on the vocabulary as well. He can say pretty much anything that he heard once. My favourite sentences are "I wo" which means I love you and "I miss you". He can pretty much say the latter clearly.

I'll leave you one of his recent snap, him playing at the library.

10 April 2009

My Easter Bunny

Jens had a hat parade at the "school" yesterday. I can't get off work and so is Mcj so we just asked one of his carer to take his photos in the parade. Looks like he is really on his good and so grown-up. We're so proud!

The school always organise activities on special occasions. I wonder what's next? Maybe Halloween. Will they require a costume (not a adult Halloween costume, I'm sure)? Oh, there are just so much to look forward to when your kid is out and about already.

Easter For Me

I've never commemorates Good Friday here as I was in the Philippines living with my parents. I won't never forget that Jesus was nailed on the cross for us but I have long realised that Jesus is alive and that I don't have to be gloomy and sad on Holy Week. The only thing I look forward on these days is the day off work. I rather look forward on Easter - the day that Jesus was risen from the dead. I am nailed on this though always.

And since having Jens, commercialism on Easter had caught on us. What's Easter without bunny, eggs, heaps and cheap of chocolates?

This is one of three of Jens' chocolates. The special one - with barnyard animals.
Mcj got a kilo of egg chocolate. Yes, a kilo. I think he would need a diet pill after eating it. I got myself M&Ms. I want Kisses but I can only buy them online and at the store which is about three quarters an hour drive from here. Not worth it.

Early "Happy Today" Present

Jens won't turn two until three months time. But he already got his present.

Mcj had been wanting to buy him a tractor. He saw one at the shop where he bought the seat for the tractor. It's quite dear but we were settled for it. Then I saw in Target catalogue, this one. It's quite cheap.

It wasn't sale time when we went to the shop. It wasn't on display but they had 20% all toys, so we got it at the sale price anyway. Mcj had to went back to the shop the next day with a trailer as the box won't fit even to a 4WD.

Jens would grow on this toy - another ten years. It can hold up to 40kgs.

Before, I forgot I have to do a debt consolidation op before I tee off.


For a week now, Jens sleeping pattern had been disrupted. He's cutting his canines and I think it must have hurt more than the first molars as he's been ill for more than two days. Plus, he had ulcers exactly where the canines are. He must have been hurting twice as much that I reckon, even free hotel rooms won't cheer him up. As if he knows what are they. :)

He was dribbling like a wild dog. He didn't eat well and he can't sleep.

Our trick was to put him the pram and go for a walk. Half way down the road and he was zonked. I've never appreciated the pram more.

He's more settled now and eating food that he likes best. Thank God.