Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

29 July 2009


The Tatapilla is not back up to his healthy aura yet. He has been sick on and off since we got back from our holiday. These common colds are really wearing him down.

Ice cream is the favourite food. He would ask them before dinner and won’t eat his dinner at all. It’s frustrating but I have to let it be lest he’ll be screaming and would end up coughing more.

Hopefully, this illness would soon go. I want to see him back to his normal self, eating lots of veggies and being a fruit bat. And no snotty nose.

I’ve been doing some research on food ideas for him as I know that he’s in the stage of being a picky eater. He likes pasta salad, pizza, noodles, pancakes, and chips. I’m also considering of consulting our GP if we can give him any vitamins to boost his immune system or his system at all. If only, I can get remedy for his illness as easy as getting netbooks for bookwork. But nah. I have to be patience and try to get him back to normal.

21 July 2009

The Bubby is 'ick

We had a staff meeting at the office late this afternoon and some socialisation after that so I wasn't able to go home in usual time. I rang up to talk to Mcj to be told that he was called by Jens' "school" as The Bubby is 'ick. I was worried of course. It wasn't even a month when he was struck by RSV caused illness and now, here we go again. At the back of my mind, I was thinking of not working at all so I can take care of him. I feel guilty.

As usual, my one-and-a-half-men picked me up at the train station. I was told Jens' threw up thrice at school, hence he is wearing somebody else's pants. He used up the extra pair of clothes I packed for him today. This may sound weird but I am thankful that it is just a stomach bug that hit him - not flu or cold or anything worse. Today's episode was the third for him to get sick since he was born and in other two, we were not worried. He was his usual self. Thank God for that.

He is asleep now. No drama to put him to sleep and ate fairly enough. My mind if put at rest. We had a big and heartfelt talk before he went to sleep so I feel better also. Nothing to worry about else I might be needing best wrinkle cream soon. Absolutely NOT!

P Plate for Mummy

I’m not really satisfied that I have bragged my getting a P licence today in my other blog. I’m also bragging it here in case you won’t be able to stumble in my other blog.

Yes, you heard it right. I got my P license today with just 2 minor mistakes. Well, you would say I should have aimed for no mistake at all. Give me some leeway alright? This is my first take and you should have seen me in my first try on the wheel. You wouldn’t come near the car. But as my instructor said, I stuck in there for the long haul and my effort and support of my one-and-a-half men have paid off.
Next aim, a new car. I prefer to own the same that I used in my practises. It’s small, easy to steer and I’m used to it now.

Well, have to do a bit of research on that car and maybe the best weight loss supplements, in case somebody asks me in the future.

20 July 2009

Language Skills

I just dropped-off Jens to day care. It’s the first since we came back from our holiday. He was a bit clingy and shy at first, as usual.

I was told by his career, L, a Filipina that he is very good with his language. I am glad to hear that. Our effort and non-effort to teach him is paying off. As I’ve said before, we don’t have routines at home. We do things as we go and when we have time. We read books when he wants to. But every minute is a learning experience. We teach him anything that would be beneficial for him whenever the change arise.

Last Friday, Mcj was held up because he was asked how we managed to teach him to remember his Nanna’s and Poppy’s names as well as ours and his last name. There were amazed. Our Little Boy really makes us proud.

So much babbling about it, have to do the Outer Banks opp and get back to work.

08 July 2009

It Runs In the Family

Well from me to Jens that is.

I am not sure if I have stressed enough before that I like shoes, shoes, shoes and shoes. Although these days, I’ve curbed my spending on them and I now go for comfort and durability unlike before. I go for my fancy.

Anyway, the Tatapilla has caught up to me on that. There was one point when he owned 5 pairs. His Nanna said, he should grow more feet. When we were at the mall in the Philippines, we were looking for flipflops for him. It took so long yet, we didn’t find any. He and his Dad were roaming around and found school shoes (it was opening of classes). The Little Boy fell in love with them (Yes, fell in love). He was wearing them while we were paying for them. The sales attendant had to just get the tag from them. It had been his favourite shoes while we were there – the flashing shoes were set aside. They’re in hiding now as I reckon, they are not everyday shoes.

These days the boots (Mummy’s boots that is) and warming shoes are out because of the cold weather. When we get home, he would take off his own shoes and put mine on. One morning he had my shoes on in going to the train station. He just likes (if only I can use the term “love”) women shoes and big shoes and just any shoes. But at his age, it’s quite costly to go with his fancy. He grows out of them like lightning.