Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

27 August 2009

Let's Watch "Tagalop"

I've been watching tagalog movies with Jens and he's catching the fever. There are times that instead of opting for The Wiggles, he'll tell me, let's watch "tagalop". Hahaha. He's really so cute when he says that.

One time, he told Mcj, I'm a Filipino. Hahaha. Beat that.

He can also say "maganda" in the song:
Sampung mga daliri
kamay at paa
dalawang mata
dalawang tainga
ilong na maganda...

Though we don't talk tagalog at home, I still want Jens to know a few words so he can talk to his cousins when we go back to the Philippines again.


Mummy can't stop watching this video even if she has to do some ops on best weight loss program.


We are Joyful

As if I got Linksys router at home so I can blog while I am watching TV or just lazying around in bed.

You Are Very Joyful

You may not be happy all of the time, but you experience frequent moments of joy in your life.

There are moments so perfect that time has stood still and you wish you could freeze it forever.

You are so joyful because you appreciate the small things in life. You know joy is more about who you are than what you have.

You are thankful to be alive, and you know that things could be a lot worse. You are content with your life.

But my Little Boy is always very joyful, rain or shine. :)

23 August 2009

The Money Barrel

I bought this sometime in the early month of this year. Mcj asked me why did I choose the big one - so it will fill more? Hahaha. We don't religiously put money in it. Just when The Tatapilla remembers or when we want to distract him from something - it's a good distraction you know. It has about a fifth filled. A tad heavy for Jens to pick-up.

We don't have plan what to buy for his savings - it's just the habit of putting money aside that we want to instill in him. Although, we can contribute it to our home insurance or shall we say have it covered with our home insurance. Hahaha.

New Ride

This was taken two days before his 2nd birthday. He always get to try new rides at the shop - except yesterday when I don't have coins in my purse and when I had, he was asleep. You see, we don't need to go to the carnival, the shops will do. Hahaha.

18 August 2009

My, Mine, Etc..

Jens is at that stage now – everything at home is his even if somebody is holding it. The biggest thing he owns so far is “my car”. I just find it amusing.

The Wiggles is his favourite band – if you may call them that. He watch their DVD in the morning when he wakes up, before going to sleep during daytime on weekends and if I will let him, before going to sleep at night. And the funny thing is, not all their songs are loved by him. If I’m around to fiddle the remote, he would be screaming “no like it” 20 seconds after the start of every song. We are planning (It is actually my idea) to watch the Wiggles when they have a concert here in Brisbane on December this year. Mcj said, it would really be funny when we are at the concert and when everyone is quite and Jens would scream “no like it”.

He is back in his old self now; eating any food he sees. It is good but I complain. Why? We have to give him a bath or bum wash three to four times a day. Haha. Well, what goes in must come out, right? Lest he would be needing weight loss supplements.

He's fast asleep now after watching The Wiggles which we just skipped and skipped. It helped him get sleepy though.

Not a Little Boy Anymore

Just this week, The Tatapilla declared that he’s no longer a little boy. His words “no little boy, I a big guy”.

My, my, my. Our little bundle of joy is growing up so fast we’re running out of breath to catch up.

I’m at a loss of words to explain how I feel. Proud. Happy. Excited. Ecstatic. A bit sad – you know, I’m sure most mothers can empathise.

His carer told us that Jens is quite good in his language and vocabulary. He is also doing well in puzzles especially shapes. He holds pens or pencils like a pro when writing. The carers at “school” are grooming him for the next “level” room.

Tell me who is a two year old that sings himself ABC to sleep? Who is a two year old that can count 1 to 10. Tell me a two year old that knows all our names at the house including the grandparents and uncles and cousins here and in the Philippines? Tell me a two year old who can sing Once I Caught a Fish Alive? Tell me a two year old who can sing a “Snack” song – adopted from the Philippines that go like this?

Watermelon, watermelon, papaya, papaya, saging, saging, saging, fruit salad, fruit salad, halo-halo.

Well, Jens of course!

I know, I'm bragging. I can't help it. I'm just d*mn proud. Haha. And before I go on and on and on, have to do the diet pill reviews opp first.

02 August 2009

Heart This

I'm addicted. Really. To this. How I love it.

They are just so sweet and "kakakilig ha"! I can't wait to see their third movie. Hopefully, I could get a copy even if I'm here.

Anyway, been online long enough. It's time to make tucker and maybe check a walk in tubs.

Health Update

Jens is quite good now, since Friday afternoon actually. He got his appetite back - stuffing himself with anything. The non-stop eater is back.

He is still coughing and very mucousy. But he hasn't had any fever since Friday night so that's a very good news. I hope whatever he has is not swine flu or if it is (I can't do anything about it), he is getting over it.

He lost a bit of weight - I can see and feel it when I hold his bare arms but nothing to worry about. He was a bit beefed up before that he just used up his buffer.

The Wiggles is still the favourite singer. Our tv stand is very short so he is able to put the telly on or stand infront of it to have a good view. Not that it's not a good view to stay away from it. It's just him or a kid in him. Hahaha.

Anyway, he has another GP appointment tomorrow. Hopefully, everything will be alright.

The Bee

There's no Jollibee in Down Under that I know of. I haven't told Jens anything about the Bee but the first time we ate there, he was quite smitten. I had to take a photo of him, Daddy and the big bee.

The next day, we had breakfast in the bee with friends.

On Toys

Jens' Nanna always say that we are buying toys way ahead of his age. Yes we do. But I think, we are just being smart and wise. Why would we buy toys or clothes for that matter for his age, when he'll just grow out of it in three months? We are also thinking ahead. We want toys that will last and he will enjoy longer. So far our big investments, yes I call it investments, are his push bike, his pedal bike and big black car. I know he likes swing sets but these toys requires constant supervision. Plus the fact that he doesn't stay home everyday of the week, buying them is not practical for now. Maybe, when he has a sister or brother, ahurm, we might be compelled to buy one.

Jens also uses his imagination almost all the time. Lookie here, he wanted to have a shower in the fountain and I was not so sure that the water was clean.